Mail Services Junk Mail Programs

Mail Services has introduced the following programs to help reduce the amount of incoming junk mail:

  • Mail Services has partnered with Ecological Mail Coalition, an organization that maintains a database against which the mailers’ database can be compared. Mailers are subsequently notified when an employee is no longer at the address in their database. They do not sell or make their database available.
  • To sign up as a user, simply click here. Then click on “Add Former Employee” to update the database with the name of an employee who is no longer working for UC Berkeley. Or click on “Add Employee Change of Address” if an employee has changed departments, and would like their advertising mail forwarded to their new address. After the initial sign up, you can log in at any time and update your list.
  • Since mail is a sensitive issue, security precautions need to be taken. For a department to subscribe to this service, the office manager of the department must sign up as the designated user. If they wish to appoint a staff member in their place, they must contact Kay Ingle, Manager, Mail Services at kingle [at] berkeley [dot] edu to request the replacement.
  • Mail Services has also developed an "Ad Mail Name Removal Kit" or "Junk Mail Kit". This kit includes a set of six postcards and instructions that may be used by individuals and departments to notify mailers and publishers of the removal of specific names from a mailing list. Even if you’re using the Ecological Mail service, this kit will still be useful if the mailing list you're trying to modify doesn't use Ecological Mail, or if the mailing list is in the process of being added to the Ecological Mail system.
  • Mail Services has also partnered with Intra-Mail Network in their Waste Free Mail program. IMN helps commercial mailers to properly sort and sequence mail destined to colleges & universities. By providing better addresses to commercial mailers, extra handling by Mail Services is reduced.

To order your FREE kit, call Mail Services at 3-MAIL.

If you’re wondering why you should bother to subscribe to these programs, we’d like to share the fact that you can cut 100 pounds of solid waste and save one tree for every former employee of your department. Not to mention the reduction in time and frustration of handling the unwanted mail.

We hope that you will help Mail Services and the University to save time, money and natural resources by utilizing these services.

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