Student Use of Campus Mail

The student community is not generally entitled to use the campus mail system. However, there are exceptions for very specific student groups as follows:

"Campus mail is the internal mail system of UC Berkeley. This service is operated by the campus Mail Services department. Campus mail services are governed by Business and Finance Bulletin No. 65 (BUS-65), which limits the use of campus mail to the conduct of University business, and by campus policies and guidelines. The use of campus mail services by student groups is limited to the following: Under the supervision of a University staff advisor, sponsored student organizations, as defined by the Berkeley Campus Regulations, may use campus mail for the conduce of their business so long as all such use is consistent with BUS-65 and with all campus policies and guidelines governing campus mail. Registered student organizations are not sponsored by the University, and their activities are not considered official University business. Registered student organizations are therefore not eligible to use campus mail services. Registered student organizations should use the U.S. Postal Service to send mail to campus addresses."

Student groups that are eligible to use campus mail are bound by the same policies and procedures as campus departments. Student groups that send mailings in excess of 500 pieces must present them to Mail Services with proof that the group's department advisor has approved the mailing. These mailings will also be subject to Mail Services' policy governing "bulk campus mailings."

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