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Our Commitment to You

The Mail Services department is dedicated to the smooth, uninterrupted flow of internal and external mail and shipments to and from UC Berkeley campuses. We will make every effort to ensure your mailing is cost-effective and timely, keeps materials and waste to a minimum, and meets the latest U.S. Postal Service regulations.

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SpeedType or ChartString
SpeedType is 10 characters.
ChartString is 13 to 25 numbers formatted as:
BU Fund Dept Program (required) Sub-Program Chartfield1 Charfield2 (optional, depending on department's requirements)
If your ChartString has a Chartfield1, or a Chartfield1 and Chartfield2, you need to place one asterisk before the Chartfield1 to hold the place of the Subprogram Code. If your ChartString has a Chartfield2 but no Chartfield1, you need to place a total of 7 asterisks to hold the place of the Subprogram Code and the Chartfield1.
(e.g. example@berkeley.edu)

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Employee ID

It may take up to a week for new employees to be listing in the Community Profile Dataset (CPD). If you are paid by Office of the President but work on campus, you will not automatically be listed. Please contact Jann Fong at 642-9815 to have a listing created for you in CPD. Once your listing appears, you will be able to use these order forms.


Have your MSO or department business manager check BFS to make sure the SpeedType is listed there.


Check with your MSO or department business manager if you are not sure which values you should enter. Note: Although Project and Flex are optional fields, if you enter a value in either, it must be a valid value.


There should be two facing sheets on each printed page. Please call us at 643-MAIL for assistance.

If your printer has a quality setting, please set it to the highest quality.

Still Need Help?

Call Mail Services at 643-MAIL, or send an email to mail [at] berkeley [dot] edu.

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