Business Reply Mail

The delivery address on the design must include your department name. You may also include a sub-unit or program name below it. FYI, the PO Box number and the ZIP+4 are determined by Mail Services based on the size and weight specs below.

Help & Other Information

Where To Send Your Design
About Your Design
The finished size of your reply piece, in inches. You can also enter a a standard envelope number (e.g., #9, #10) if you are sure of the size.
Envelope designs only. BRM rates depend on the weight of the actual replies. Enter estimated weight of the return pieces. (i.e., weight of envelope + contents)
The department name you want to appear in the delivery address.
Optionally, you may also include the name of a sub-unit or program in the delivery address.
Delivery Address
Delivery Address
The campus address and Mail Code to send the reply pieces after they are returned.Will appear in the upper left-hand corner of the design.