If you are ordering stamps for your department and you are not familiar with the campus postage purchasing policy, please review it before placing an order.

If you are ordering stamps during regular business hours, you can get the fastest service by faxing an IOC to us at 642-5847. If you need assistance, please call 643-MAIL.

Mail Services stocks only the most commonly requested stamps in the most commonly requested denominations. If you need a special stamp, please allow additional time for us to get it for you. There may be an additional charge, depending on the difficulty of obtaining the stamps you want. We recommend that you call us at 643-MAIL in advance of ordering special stamps. Click here to view the US Postal Service's current selection of stamps.

To place an order, fill in all information requested below, then click the "Submit Order" button. Your stamps will be delivered within 24-48 hours.

Click here for stamp purchase recharge rates.

These rates apply to orders that are delivered or picked up.

Departments with standing exceptions to the $70 limit must provide an explanationonly if this order exceeds the limit of the department's exception.