Campus & Incoming Mail

Campus Mail

Campus mail relates to any paper delivery between campus departments or offices that pertains to official University business. Campus mail is sorted by department and then delivered to campus locations to which the mail is directed. Each building has a specified delivery point designated for departmental mail, and assigned departmental personnel will complete the final phase of sorting and delivery.

Individuals are encouraged to distribute interdepartmental mailings in official yellow campus mail envelopes. Exceptions would include over-sized items or a bulk campus mailing, which may require alternate packaging for practical purposes.

In order to ensure timely delivery of campus mail, it is highly recommended that individuals comply with the recommended practices for addressing campus mail pieces. A comprehensive system of mail codes has been devised to accurately direct mail to University departments.

Incoming Mail

Mail Services is the hub for distribution of all incoming mail, both interdepartmental and deliveries routed through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). USPS mail is sorted and delivered based on class and delivery address.

Use of the University’s mail system is designated for official University business only, and is not available for delivery of personal items. Personal shipments should be directed to your home address.

More than one third of incoming campus mail is bulk rate advertising mail. Mail Services is committed to developing programs and partnerships to reduce the influx of “junk mail.” Due to the success of the reducing "junk mail" programs, the volume of bulk rate advertisinf mail has dropped from one half to approximately one third of the incoming US mail volume.

Department Responsibilities for Incoming Mail

In order to facilitate the smooth flow of incoming USPS and campus mail, Mail Services works in close cooperation with campus departments to efficiently service the ultimate customer – individual faculty, staff and students. Campus departments are tasked with the following key responsibilities:

  • Maintain a departmental "mail stop," a location where incoming US mail and campus mail can be delivered by Mail Services. The preference is a single location in each building, and a shared space in the case of multi-department buildings. This location can be a room, a section of a room, or lobby lock boxes. Where a shared location is not feasible, each department may retain a separate mail stop.
  • Provide clearly marked trays, boxes or bins for incoming U.S. mail and campus mail, outgoing campus mail, and outgoing U.S. mail.
  • Inform Mail Services of any major events that may affect mail processing; e.g., department reorganizations, name changes or relocations.
  • Distribute incoming U.S. and campus mail in a timely manner.
  • Forward or return misaddressed mail.
  • Maintain a supply of official campus mail envelopes, and encourage their use.
  • Encourage individuals to comply with recommended practices for addressing campus mail.

Delivery Times

Mail Services provides one delivery per department per day in mid to late morning. At this time, incoming USPS and campus mail is delivered, and outgoing USPS and campus mail is collected. There is no charge for this service, with the exception of Auxiliary Enterprises (see Services Standards & Recharge Rates).

A regularly scheduled second daily delivery/pickup can be arranged for an additional charge. Please call 643-MAIL for more information.