Shipping and Freight

In addition to USPS and campus mail services, we provide package and freight shipping services for packages up to 70 lbs. If you need to ship a package that weighs over 70 lbs, please contact Central Distribution at 642-5330.

Address your package and place a barcode label on it as you would for for any other mail.  Then write near the barcode label in bold letters UPS  and the service class you would like to use, (eg.  UPS-GROUND, UPS-NEXT DAY, UPS-2DAY, etc....). Please remember UPS GROUND service will deliver next business day to central and Northern California from Berkeley and within 2 business days for the entire West Coast.  If you have one or two small packages for shipping, that fit in a mail tub with the rest of your department's mail, it can be left with your department's outgoing mail – we will pick it up and dispatch it that day. However, if you have a larger package, larger quantity, or if you have material to be shipped by motor freight, you will need to arrange for a special pickup.

Mail Services is available to assist and advise you with preparing your shipment, arranging for pickuptracking your shipment, and safe handling of shipping contents. Visit our Hazardous Material page for information on identifying, packaging and meeting regulatory requirements for shipping hazardous or dangerous materials.