Personal Mail Policy

University policy (BUS-65) states that the campus mail system is reserved exclusively for University business. Faculty and staff are not permitted to receive any incoming mail of a personal nature at work, nor may the inter- or intra-campus mail system be used for anything other than University business.

Alternate Carriers

The above-stated policy applies only to material sent through the US Postal Service and delivered by Mail Services. Employees may receive a personal shipment through a carrier such as UPS that can deliver directly to a department.

Parcel Shipments

Mail Services does not inspect each piece of mail to establish whether it is business related. However, in the case of parcels, which carry the highest processing cost in the shop, we do take the time to make this determination. If a parcel is found to be of a personal nature, it is handled in the following way:

  • Addressee is notified by campus mail that a personal shipment has been received, and cannot be delivered due to University policy

  • Package is placed in a secure holding area

  • Addressee is directed to pick up the shipment from our shop at 2000 Carleton St. within 2 weeks or it will be returned to shipper

Outgoing Personal Mail

Personal mail must be deposited in a U.S. Postal Service mailbox. Mail Services will not pick up or process personal mail left in campus mail drops.