Automation Compatible Mail

Automation Compatible Outgoing Mail (ACOGM) is a service that allows departments to reduce the cost of their outgoing mail by preparing it in accordance with U.S. Postal Service automation requirements. Since its introduction in 1994, ACOGM has saved UC Berkeley departments tens of thousands of dollars. This section lays out the steps and guidelines required for using this service.

How It Works

ACOGM gives you a lower postage cost and a lower recharge rate. Your department can save $0.072 per 1 ounce letter in postage and recharge costs by using ACOGM. Call 643-6245 for information on how to participate in this program.

The reduced postage is made possible by taking advantage of the lower rates that the US Postal Service offers for automation-compatible mail. Automation-compatible mail is mail that can be handled by automated sorting machines at the U.S. Postal Service, and is thus less expensive to process. Since the mailing address is actually read by the sorting machines, following the recommended addressing guidelines is particularly important.

However, since these reduced mailing rates are only available for high volume, and not for individual pieces or small quantities, this is where Mail Services can add a great deal of value. Since we process all of the campus’ outgoing mail, we are able to generate the volumes required to qualify for the discounted rates. As a result, we can offer postage discounts that would not otherwise be available. In addition, the recharge rate for ACOGM is lower because the department will take on some of the preparation work usually performed by Mail Services.