Bulk Campus Mailings

Sorting and Processing

If you plan to mail identical mail pieces to more than 250 campus recipients, this is considered a “bulk campus mailing,” which will require additional resources for sorting and processing. There are two options: you can either sort the mail yourself, by Mail Code (preferred) or Department Name, and incur no additional charges; or Mail Services can handle the sorting for an additional charge of $110 per 1,000 pieces.

If you elect to have Mail Services sort your bulk mailing, please attach to your mailing a memo indicating the account number that should be charged. This will avoid any unnecessary delay.

Special Handling

If you are planning a bulk campus mailing, we recommend that you contact Mail Services for any special handling or pickup requirements. 

Address Formatting

In the case of a bulk campus mailing, it may not be practical to use the official yellow campus mail envelopes. If you’re using an alternate envelope or self-mailer, the address should be formatted as follows:

Address Formatting
Address ComponentExample
Mail Code (required) #1500
Department Name (required) Chancellor’s Office
Addressee Name (required) Chancellor Berdahl
Department Address (optional) 200 California Hall