Bulk Campus Mailings

Sorting and Processing

If you plan to mail identical mail pieces to more than 250 campus recipients, this is considered a “bulk campus mailing,” which will require additional resources for sorting and processing. There are two options: you can either sort the mail yourself, by Mail Code (preferred) or Department Name, and incur no additional charges; or Mail Services can handle the sorting for an additional charge of $110 per 1,000 pieces.

If you elect to have Mail Services sort your bulk mailing, please attach to your mailing a memo indicating the account number that should be charged. This will avoid any unnecessary delay.

Special Handling

If you are planning a bulk campus mailing, we recommend that you contact Mail Services for any special handling or pickup requirements. You may also wish to take advantage of the special services provided through Printing Services, including folding, inserting, sealing, collating, etc.

Address Formatting

In the case of a bulk campus mailing, it may not be practical to use the official yellow campus mail envelopes. If you’re using an alternate envelope or self-mailer, the address should be formatted as follows:

Address Component


Mail Code (required)


Department Name (required)

Chancellor’s Office

Addressee Name (optional)

Chancellor Berdahl

Department Address (optional)

200 California Hall