Mail Classes, Rates, & Fees

First Class Mail

Any mailable material can be sent using First-Class Mail. This service can be used for personal correspondence, handwritten or typewritten letters, and bills or statements of account. It may also be used for advertisements and lightweight merchandise. The weight limit for First-Class Mail is 13 ounces. For heavier items, use Priority Mail.

Express Mail

Express Mail is the fastest service offered by USPS. It offers guaranteed overnight delivery seven days a week, 365 days a year, within the continental US. Simply mark your outgoing envelope EXPRESS MAIL and we will type up the label and place it in an Express Mail envelope or box. Or you can call 3-MAIL to request your own supply of Express Mail envelopes or boxes. This service is also available for overseas mail with a 2-3 day service standard.

Priority Mail

When the overnight speed of Express Mail is not needed but preferential handling is desired, use Priority Mail. This service provides a 2-3 day service standard for domestic mail weighing up to 70 lbs. It is not a guaranteed service and it is not trackable, but delivery confirmation service is available. Packages over 1 pound are priced by zone. All First Class mail above 13 oz. becomes Priority Mail.

Be sure to use the Postal Services' Priority Mail packaging – you will definitely get better service this way. It is not enough to simply write “Priority Mail” or apply Priority Mail stickers to your package. Most of the delays we witness are caused by packages NOT sent in official Priority Mail packaging. All Priority Mail packaging is FREE and comes in a variety of sizes. Call Mail Services at 3-MAIL to order your packaging.

Special Standard Mail for Parcels, Books, Educational Material

When time is less of an issue than cost, printed matter or books can be sent by one of the following reliable, affordable mailing options:

Library Mail

Library Mail can be used for sending educational material (books, papers, diskettes, tapes and scientific specimens) from, or to, an educational institution. Rates are based on weight and size.

Media Mail (Book Rate)

Media Rate (formerly known as Book Rate) offers the best rate for sending small and large packages containing books. Rates are based on weight and size, and are the same as Library Mail.

Parcel Post

Parcel Post offers the best value to ship items other than printed matter or books. Prices are computed by zone.

You can calculate postage rates at