Extra Services

There are a number of options available for providing insurance protection, proof of delivery and security for valuable or sensitive items. The following information outlines the services we can provide, and how you can use them.

Registered Mail

Registered Mail is the most secure service option offered by the Postal Service. It’s the best option if you are sending an item with an intrinsic value (e.g. coin or stamp collection, payable bonds or coupons). Since registered articles are placed under tight security during the delivery process, the delivery service will be slower than regular first class mail.

Registered Mail starts at $7.50 plus postage and $8.00 plus postage for $100.00 insurance value. It is available for domestic and international shipments, and First Class Mail or Priority Mail is required on domestic registered mail. You must indicate the dollar value of the item you are sending (NOTE: If you are mailing a check, do not insure it for the value of the check, as you will only be refunded the cost of stopping payment and issuing a new check). DO NOT use plastic tape when preparing a Registered item, as it has to be hand stamped.

Certified Mail

Certified Mail provides proof of mailing at the sender’s post office, and proof of receipt at the recipient’s post office. A return receipt to provide you with proof of delivery can be obtained for an additional fee. Certified mail service is available only for First-Class or Priority domestic mail, and does not offer insurance protection. The cost for Certified Mail is $2.30 plus postage.

Insured Mail

Insurance can be purchased for lost or damaged items up to a maximum of $5,000. It can be used for Standard mail or Parcel Post items mailed at First Class rates. Prices begin at $1.30 for $50.00 coverage plus first class postage.

For items of greater value requiring additional insurance, use Registered Mail, which covers up to $25,000.

Return Receipt

A return receipt is the sender’s proof of delivery, and can be requested in addition to any of the services listed above. The return receipt is attached to the mail piece at the time of mailing, signed by the recipient upon delivery, and returned to the sender by First Class mail. This is generally used to verify delivery of documents and valuable items. We will not attach a return receipt unless it is requested. The cost is $1.75.