Fastmail Pouches

FASTMAIL is a one-way, FREEmailroom-to-mailroom, guaranteed campus mail service for same-day delivery of urgent material going to six campus departments: Accounting/Disbursements, Payroll, Personnel, Campus Copy/UC Printing, Graduate Division, and L&S Deans Office.

How It Works

Campus mail destined for these departments is placed in special color-coded pouches, which are then placed on top of your regular campus mail. The pouch is picked up at the department's regular pickup time and, upon delivery to Mail Services, is immediately routed for delivery to the receiving department the same day.

The special handling received by FASTMAIL pouches enables them to bypass the sorting process required of all incoming and intra-campus mail. As a result, FASTMAIL can be processed with consistent delivery times, even during peak periods.


At present, the FASTMAIL pouches for Graduate Division and the L&S Dean's Office are limited to departments authorized by those offices. If you would like to use FASTMAIL to send material to a department overseen by one of these offices, please contact the appropriate office (see contact information below) before ordering pouches from Mail Services. There are no restrictions on the other participating departments.

Ordering and Preparing Supplies

Click here to order your supply of pouches – they cost $7.00 each. Before using your initial supply, be sure to identify each pouch as the property of your department. Type your department's return mailing address on a blank card and insert it (facing out) into the clear plastic window on the outside of the pouch.

Important: if the pouches are not addressed in this manner, there is no way to identify and return them to you.

Using the Service

Each document or set of documents to be sent should be securely fastened together and clearly labeled with the recipient's name. Do NOT place the material in an envelope unless it is confidential. Be sure to abide by the receiving department's restrictions on material they will accept. Make sure to zip the pouch closed!

Place the pouch ON TOP of your department's outgoing campus mail. This step is essential to enable Mail Services to easily identify the pouch and separate it from the remainder of your department's mail.

Have your pouches ready before your department’s daily mail pickup. Alternately, you may also deposit pouches into one of Mail Services’ seven on-campus drop boxes before 3:00 p.m

Relax! Your material will arrive at its destination that day.

Pouch Return

Please note that FASTMAIL is a one-way service. The six receiving departments do not use the pouches to send material back to the sending department. The empty pouches will normally be returned by the receiving departments via regular Campus Mail, and will normally be returned within 1-3 days after receipt.