CAL Shredding

Mail Services is providing document shredding services for UC Berkeley Departments on a recharge basis. We provide a Certificate of Destruction for each job. We can pick up two boxes of shredding on route. If you have more than 2 boxes just call 3-6245 and we'll arrange a pick up at your convenience. We also have secure locking 32 and 65 gallon bins with wheels for departments that need extra security for their documents. Call 3-6245 to arrange for one. The shredded material is recycled as part of the campus' sustainability program.

Preparing your documents for shredding

Staples, paper clips, cd’s and floppy disks can be left with your documents.

Your documents should be in a box no larger than a standard case of copy paper (17.5 in x 11.25 in x 10 in). Boxes larger than this will be charged according to size. Please contact Mail Services at 3-6245 (3-MAIL) if you have any questions or would like a quote.

Prepare your box for pickup

  • Tape the box closed securely.

  • Print a CAL Shredding form and tape it to the top of a box. If you have multiple boxes, write the number of boxes on the CAL Shredding form.

  • Not recommended, but if you must use a mail tub or a box without a lid, tape a copy of the CAL Shredding form to the side of the tub/box and one copy securely to the top of the tub/box.

  • If you have 2 boxes or less of documents to be shredded, place it in your department’s regular Mail Services pick up area.

  • If you have more than 2 boxes of documents to be shredded or they cannot be placed in your department’s regular Mail Services pick up area, call 3-6245 to arrange a pick up.

   Shredding recharge rates available here 

Mail Services is not responsible for any items mistakenly submitted for shredding.     

32 gallon secure shred bin (dimensions 37" x 20" x 21")

65 gallon secure shred bin (dimensions 43" x 26" x 28")

95 gallon secure shred bin (dimensions 48" x 27" x 34")