Mail Services' Barcodes

With the introduction of a new chart of accounts in 2000, Mail Services launched barcoding as a way to capture recharge information for outgoing mail. The new account structure consisted of long strings of data, and barcoding provides a reliable, accurate and cost effective means of capturing data.

There are three ways to barcode recharge numbers for outgoing mail:

  1. Preprint barcodes on your envelopes and other mail pieces

  • For envelopes, simply specify a SpeedType or chartfield string when you order from Campus Copy Service. For other mail pieces, we can provide, at no charge, barcode graphics in EPS format that you can place in your mail piece design.

  • Click here for more information, or to order an EPS barcode graphic

  •  Apply barcode labels to individual mail pieces

    • Order pressure sensitive labels from Mail Services and apply them to individual mail pieces. If you place your order before 4:00 p.m., you will receive the labels the day after you place the order.

    • Click here for more information, or to order barcode labels

  • Bundle mail by recharge number using a barcoded facing sheet

  • Which Method Should I Use?

    It’s going to vary from project to project, but most departments will use some combination of the three. Preprinting barcodes is the easiest method overall, but it’s not practical for those recharge numbers, particularly in the area of contracts and grants, that don't generate enough mail to justify the cost of printing envelopes in volume. In this situation, you'll need to apply the barcodes on an individual basis, as the mail is prepared.

    If you regularly produce a volume of mail for just a few recharge numbers, bundling your mail with a barcoded facing sheet is likely to be the easiest method. If you produce a lot of individual mail pieces (1-2 pieces per recharge number), then applying a barcode label will probably be easier. If you produce both kinds of mail, then you can use both methods. It’s a matter of what works best for you.

    If you do run out of preprinted envelopes or barcode labels, you can always use the Print Facing Sheet opton to print the barcode from your printer for your mailing.