Barcode Labels

How to Prepare Your Mail Using Barcode Labels

1.  Apply Barcode Labels to Your Mail

Have a supply of barcode labels on hand for each recharge number (order instructions are below). Apply a barcode label to each piece.  The preferred location for the barcode is:

preferred placement

Place the label so the TOP of the barcode is adjacent to the left edge.

The label must not intrude into the lower 5/8" of the envelope.

alternate placement

prohibited placement

DO NOT place the barcode in any of the following locations:

  • above or below the delivery address

  • in the postage area (upper right-hand corner)

  • in the bottom 5/8" of letter or flat size pieces (where the USPS will apply a POSTNET barcode)

  • anywhere on the back of the mail piece.

2.  Bundle Your Mail by Recharge Number

NOTE: Mail with barcode labels and mail with preprinted barcodes should be prepared together as follows:

Separate your outgoing mail into foreign and domestic, then separate and bundle it by SpeedType and chartfield string.  If you have more than several pieces for a recharge number, please bundle the letters and flats separately. (It's okay to bundle letters and flats in the same bundle if you have only a few pieces for the same recharge number.)  Secure the bundles with rubber bands in both directions. (Mail Services provides free recycled rubber bands on request.)

The final bundles should look like this:

final bundles

Complete this preparation prior to your daily mail pickup time.


Click here to order barcode labels

If you place your order by 4:00 PM, you will receive your labels in 1-2 business day. NOTE:Recharge numbers change frequently, especially those related to contracts and grants. Please order no more than a month's supply of labels to insure that the labels are valid at the time you use them.