Information About Barcoded Facing Sheets

How to Prepare Your Mail Using Barcoded Facing Sheets

facing bundlePrint facing sheets for each account (instructions follow).  Separate your outgoing mail into foreign and domestic, then separate and bundle it by SpeedType and chartfield string.  If you have more than several pieces for a recharge number, please bundle the letters and flats separately. (It's okay to bundle letters and flats in the same bundle if you have only a few pieces for the same account.)  Wrap each bundle with the facing sheet you have printed out. Wrap the bundle so that the barcode is on top of the first piece, oriented to the long side of the mail piece. Secure the bundle with rubber bands in both directions. (Mail Services provides free recycled rubber bands on request.)

The final bundles should look like this:

Facing Bundle Flats

Complete this preparation prior to your daily mail pickup time.


To print a facing sheet, fill out the facing sheet print form. Immediately after submitting your request, a page will appear on your screen containing two barcoded facing sheets. Print as many copies of this page as you need for your mail. White paper is preferred, but you may use light colored paper if you wish. After printing, cut the pages in half (along the dotted line). Then bundle your mail as described above.  Please note the following to avoid problems:

  • Please print no more than a month's supply of facing sheets because recharge numbers change frequently, especially those for contracts and grants.

  • Please DO NOT make extra facing sheets by copying them on your office copy machine. Most office copiers are not able to reproduce a barcode to the high tolerances of the original. Scanning problems could result, and this may affect your mail. It is better to print all the copies you need when you are printing the original facing sheet.

Click here to print a barcoded facing sheet