Location of Campus Mailboxes

On Campus Mail Services Mailboxes (Late Boxes)

Mail Services maintains seven mailboxes located on the central campus (click on the attachment below for map with mailbox locations). These mailboxes may be used for outgoing U.S. Mail and outgoing FASTMAIL pouches, and campus mail. 

Mail deposited in the drop boxes will be collected every business day by 2:00 p.m. All First Class Mail will be processed and dispatched that day. Other classes of mail will be processed that day if there is sufficient time. Mail not processed that day will be processed the following day, with the exception of Fridays when all mail is processed and dispatched on the day it is picked up.

Outgoing mail that is deposited in these boxes must be bundled as follows:

  • Domestic and international mail must be bundled separately

  • All mail must be separated and bundled by Chart string

  • Bundle mail in both directions with rubber bands or string



Campus Late Boxes.pdf

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