Getting Started

The first step is to acquire the support of your department’s MSO or business manager, who will ensure that the department carries out its responsibilities. Next, Mail Services will need to provide training for the individual(s) who prepares the department’s outgoing mail on a daily basis. To schedule the training, and to access other reference materials and assistance, contact the Mail Services Operations Manager at 643-MAIL

Your Department’s Role and Responsibilities

Once your department’s faculty and staff have been educated in how to prepare and address mail to meet the ACOGM standards, the next step is to implement the following daily regimen of preparing the outgoing mail to meet the program requirements:

  • Separate out all qualifying mail from your department’s outgoing mail. Be sure to exclude all non-qualifying items – non-qualifying mail could result in some of your ACOGM mail being sent out at the regular rate, thereby depriving you of postage discounts. "If in doubt, leave it out."

  • Sort the qualifying mail into separate bundles by Recording No., and complete an ACOGM slip for each bundle. There is no minimum number of pieces per bundle.

  • Wrap each bundle with an ACOGM slip, and secure in both directions with string or rubber bands. If you need to replenish your supply of ACOGM slips, call us at 643-MAIL.

  • Deposit the bundles with your department’s outgoing mail prior to your daily mail pickup and delivery.The time required to perform these tasks depends on the volume of mail, but it is generally no more than 5-10 minutes per day.

The Processing Phase

Once your mail has been collected, it is taken to the Mail Services shop at 2000 Carleton St. for processing. The ACOGM bundles are inspected to ensure all preparation requirements have been met. After inspection, they are metered and dispatched that day (unless received late in the day).

NOTE: If non-qualifying mail, such as a hand-written letter, is found in a bundle of ACOGM, the entire bundle will be processed as regular outgoing mail, and you will not realize any of the savings on that bundle.