Courtesy Reply Mail

Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) provides correspondents with a reply envelope or postcard, but requires them to apply the postage. This category of reply mail is most typically used for bill payments, subscriptions renewals, etc., where the mailer wishes the customer to pay the reply postage. Again, CRM is a form of automation-compatible First Class mail with a special design. If you want your correspondent to pay return postage on a reply, CRM is generally faster than using plain envelopes or cards. See below for a sample:

CRM sample

CRM Design

Mail Services provides FREE CRM designs. To place an order, contact Mail Services at 3-MAIL with the specifications for the envelope or card you will be using. We will produce a design, fax it to you for your approval, and then send your camera-ready copy to Campus Copy Service, UC Printing Services, or we can send it to you directly if you are using an off-campus printer.

IMPORTANT!If you are sending a bulk mailing at the automation rate (whether it's First Class or Non-Profit Standard), the Postal Service requires that enclosed reply pieces must be either Business Reply Mail or Courtesy Reply Mail. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in paying higher postage.