Mis-addressed Mail

Some incoming USPS and campus mail arrives with missing or inaccurate address information, rendering the mail piece undeliverable. Common examples are an unknown or missing department name, incorrect mail code, or an undecipherable acronym.

Mail Services uses a variety of campus data sources to attempt to determine the correct address for incoming First Class mail, periodicals and parcels. In the case of a successful outcome, the mail piece will be re-addressed and stamped and dated. This process adds 1-3 days to the delivery time – a delay that can be avoided if you always use the correct address. If the correct address cannot be ascertained, the mail piece is returned to the sender.

The only exception to this process is incoming bulk rate mail, which, in the case of bad address information, is returned directly to the sender or recycled. Any mail that cannot be re-addressed or returned to the sender is recycled.