Preparing and Addressing Campus Mail

Where practical, intra-campus mail for UC Berkeley campus destinations should always be distributed in the yellow campus mail envelope. These envelopes offer Mail Services the highest level of processing efficiency, and we strongly encourage their use. We reward their use by giving them top priority in the delivery process. 100% are delivered the next business day after pickup.

The campus mail envelope includes the following address components:

  • Mail Code (required information)
  • Department Name (required information)
  • Addressee Name (required information)
  • Department Address (optional but recommended)

The more complete the information, the greater the guarantee that your mail will be successfully delivered. If one of the required address fields is missing, your mail may be delayed. As an option to manually providing the address information, it is acceptable to use an address label, as long as the required address information is provided.

In circumstances where it is not practical to use the official yellow campus mail envelopes – such as shape or quantity of mail piece – you may elect to use an alternate envelope or a self-mailer. In this situation, the address should be formatted as follows:

Address Formatting
Address ComponentExample
Mail Code (required) #1500
Department Name (required) Chancellor’s Office
Addressee Name (optional) Chancellor Berdahl
Department Address (optional) 200 California Hall